CIR Update no 28

Hi everyone.
Well after a few productive days and the joint efforts of Craig Hill from Auckland, Marion, Elspeth and Jo from Tauranga and David and team from Hamilton that collected approx 1200 at the Winter show and other efforts around the country we now have a total of 357,706.

In our travels around the South Island last month we managed to collect 370 in Invercargill, 170 in Gore, 270 Timaru and 150 in Greymouth. In every place we were simply parked in a parallel park downtown with a table beside the van and three signs out. People were so happy to have a chance to sign. You could make someones day like this also! Some even phoned their friends and they jumped in their cars and came down to sign.

I know that Christchurch are going hard at it this weekend with plans to collect at the Super 14 final, the Marathon and also a motor-cross event.

Natalie is going to make her presence felt down south at the Gore Golden Guitars and is looking for any helpers that may be available.

I am trying hard to find a way into the Mystery Creek field days June 11-14th. If anyone may know of a stall or booth to sublease, or someone that might let us set up a table in one corner of their space, please let me know. The thousands that we could definitely collect there would be a great way to finish the campaign and ensure we have sufficient.

Media coverage on Monday after Family First’s poll results were excellent and I am confident there are thousands of Kiwis out there desperately wanting to put their name to our petition before it closes off.

The new goal
At least 370,000

The final plan.
We have until the end of June before the final deadline to resubmit the petition with all the additional signatures.
However I am a little concerned that since they take 2 months to complete the audit, and then there is another month allowance under the Act before the Governor General sets a date I do not want to find that the PM has set the election date and dissolved parliament before the date for the referendum is set to coincide with polling day.

We know that the election won’t be before October 1st as that is when all the lollies are given out from the budget .However parliament can be dissolved 5 weeks before polling day.
This means Parliament could rise for the elections anytime from about the end of Aug. T
My own view, along with many others is that the elections will not be until November 15th.
However it would be wise to get our signatures collected and in as soon as possible.

If we have a good weekend over Queens’s birthday, our total could be well over 360,000 by the first week of June. With a concerted effort then for the two weeks of June we could reach our new target of 270,000 by about June 14th and be ready to hand them in.

I have had discussion with Craig Hill from Unity4Liberty about a final effort in Auckland the weekend of June 7 & 8 through to June 14th. It will be tables on footpaths in normal shopping areas, (not malls) for a few hours everyday over lunchtimes.

Can I please hear from anyone who could volunteer some time for this in Auckland or Hamilton to include efforts at Mystery Creek if we can get in.

It would be fabulous if we all collected what we can over the next three weeks and we were surprised that our total could even grow to 390,000 to match the number in the film ‘Amazing Grace’ where William Wilberforce rolled out the petition in the House of Commons and shouted, “No matter how loud you shout you will not drown out the voice of the people!”

If everyone receiving this could spend even 1 hour at a table on the street and collect just another 40 signatures we could do it!

Let’s make sure they hear us!

Remember to ask if people have already signed. No duplicates!

Warm regards

Larry Baldock
Party Leader Kiwi Party
Phone: 021 86 4833


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