Mother sentenced after toddler chokes to death

Mother sentenced after toddler chokes to death

Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Dunedin mother of five who killed her 22-month-old daughter earlier this year escaped a custodial sentence today.

The 27-year-old, who has permanent name suppression, admitted infanticide after an initial charge of murder was dropped.

She hit and smothered the girl for crying incessantly, leading to her choking to death on regurgitated food.

In Dunedin High Court today, Justice Graham Panckhurst said the woman could not be held fully responsible as she was severely depressed at the time of the attack.

He sentenced her to two years’ intensive supervision and 100 hours of community work.


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  1. shantelle Avatar

    i think this is absolutly absured, wasnt the point of “the anti smacking bill” to give out tougher sentences, this woman admitts she is the cause of her childs death an she doesnt even see the inside of a prizon cell, the new zealand justice system makes me sick an ashamed to be from a country that allows this to happen

  2. This is terrible!! If everyone could plead insanity or depression, our streets could be filled with murderers and rapists! She knew what she was doing, she had a chance to stop herself and didn’t, so should be charged without diversion! I am aghast at this and am deeply ashamed to be living in a country that allows this to happen!!!

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