Meetings coming up

with John Boscawen, Bob McCoskrie and Larry Baldock


Tauranga, Hamilton, Dargaville, Lower Hutt and Bucklands Beach

We are still working on finalising many aspects of the Campaign4Democracy and therefore do not have our logo and templates for communication ready as yet. This short update will give you some useful information though I trust.

Two weeks ago at the Family Forum hosted by Family First, John Key accepted questions from the floor and you can hear those and his replies by clicking below. Don’t worry about a little feedback noise at the beginning as it comes right after a minute or so. My question to him is about number 3.  John Key Q & A

Two quotes from his answers are interesting.

“There is 13 prosecutions where there has been some form of physical abuse but in those cases the advice I have had is that even if the old sec 59 law was in place those prosecutions would still have taken place.” John Key.

If you are familiar with the cases you will know that this is nonsense, but if his advice was accurate, it begs the obvious question, Why did the law need to be changed then?

“All I can tell you is if we went back and changed the law this is what I think would happen. There would be a very intense debate in NZ and those that are opposed to smacking could run a very ferocious campaign and at the end of that process right or wrong, some people would feel quite differently about it.” John Key

This quote indicates that the PM is well aware of how violent, intolerant and agressive the non-violent positive parenting types can be when they don’t get their own way. A bit like children really!

More meetings coming up with John Boscawen, Bob McCoskrie and myself will be;
Tauranga Monday 5 October, 7.30 p.m at the Redwood Room, Bureta Park Motor Inn, Otumoetai

Hamilton Thursday 8 October, 7.30 p.m at Hamilton Central Baptist Church 33 Charlemont Street.

Dargaville Monday 12 October 7.30 p.m Venue TBA (not including Bob)

Lower Hutt Thursday 15 October 7.30 p.m Venue TBA

Bucklands Beach Monday 19 October 7.30 p.m Venue TBA

Perhaps you can recomend them to your friends if they live in those areas.
Warm regards,

Larry Baldock


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One response to “Campaign4Democracy”

  1. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    I agree with PM John Key antismackers run a very ferocious campaign. A nonviolent positive parenting type minority fuelled by Barnardoes truly believe a stinging smack is violence,venomous voices screeched Child Basher at me during all my Prosmacking protests in Feilding plus after I appeared on TV3s Campbell Live 2nd April 2007 alongside Simon Barnett and Christine Rankin I got a real SURPRISE home phonecalls emails guaranteeing gutless caller anonymity how sad no name insults to me personally. Agreeing with me are a majority 90% of Kiwi Mums Dads and grandparents who know a sharp smack works instantly for safety or to correct bad behaviour and will not bruise or maime our precious babies. Thanks Larry Baldock for listening to 9 in 10 of us. PROTECT OR CORRECT ONLY REASON TO SMACK. Smack or a brat ask Bradford that?.

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