Family Integrity #450 — NEW YouTube video just posted…thought you may be interested

You’ll like these.

Craig & Barbara Smith

From: Clearsight
Subject: NEW YouTube video just posted…thought you may be interested


Find below a link to a new 10 minute Youtube video, entitled:

‘The NZ ‘anti-correction law’ PART 2 – ‘Why correction is needed.’

‘The NZ ‘anti-correction law’ – ‘Why correction is needed.’

It’s a concise, fast paced, in your face yet unemotional, analysis of the worldviews behind both the old and the new Section 59s.

It has already drawn somewhat intemperate comments…I anticipate more…J

Watch this for your own benefit and PLEASE forward this email – or the link – on to as many people as you like, and encourage them to do the same. If you have a website where it could suitably be posted, go ahead and embed.

Also…immediately underneath the youtube video screen on the left is a five star system for rating the video. It would be nice if you could rate it as you see fit…if you watch it…


Just a reminder about the earlier video posted several weeks ago, now entitled:

‘The NZ ‘anti-correction law’ PART 1 – and the referendum – your ‘unemotional’ guide to Section 59’

Its aim is to remove any confusion people may have about the law. Clear, concise, and unemotional, it puts the issues plainly.



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