Family Integrity #486 — March 4 Democracy!

Family Integrity #486 — March 4 Democracy!

Dear Friends,

For Your Information.

Craig & Barbara Smith

Sent: Wednesday, 11 November 2009 2:51 p.m.
To: Simeon
Subject: March 4 Democracy!

THE MARCH for Democracy

Ph 0274-989-762

THE MARCH for Democracy

Ph 0274-989-762

Hi Friends,

In August of this year a referendum was held on the ‘anti-smacking’ law. More New Zealanders voted ‘NO’ to the Anti-smacking law than voted for the National Party in the 2008 election.

On Saturday the 21st of November concerned citizens will be marching for democracy. We will be marching to tell the government we elected to change the law we voted to dump. We will be marching for the greatest freedom we have – Democracy.

My Grandparents fought for democracy in distant countries. Surely we can walk along Queen St for it?!

When: 1:30 Pm, Saturday 21st of November.

Where: Downtown Auckland outside the Britomart.

Why: To march for democracy.

New Zealand Herald advertisement 15th Movember 2009

Be there !!

Simeon Brown



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