Is John Key deliberately misleading the public?


Is John Key deliberately misleading the public?

“To this point, there have been no successful prosecutions under the new law.”
John Key – TVNZ 3 Aug 09 WATCH



Here’s the facts..

That’s right – 13 prosecutions under the anti-smacking law ! And note the number of non-abusive families being investigated with no abuse being found (94%)!

What is the difference between ‘smacking’ and ‘minor acts of physical discipline’? Good question. The police cannot and refuse to define them and there is no statutory definition for them either. They are new terms as a result of the anti-smacking law.

Only last week, the NZ Herald highlighted a father who was prosecuted for a light smack on the leg
‘I asked for help but instead got conviction’

And a case brought to the attention of the NZ Herald by Family First involving CYF forced an apology from the agency
CYFS says sorry to ‘traumatised’ family

How many other cases are there like this???

Were these prosecutions warranted?

You be the judge. Here’s just 7 cases that we’ve put before the Prime Minister. We don’t know whether these were classified ‘smacking’ ‘minor acts of physical discipline’ or ‘other child assaults’ and the police won’t say either.

Here’s the bottom line .

It’s quite evident there will be a ‘no’ vote in the Referendum. What we’re asking for is a STRONG ‘no’ vote – that the Prime Minister simply can’t ignore.

Please vote – and please encourage friends, family, work colleagues to send their voting papers in.

There’s only 2 people who could waste the $9m on the Referendum. You or me – if we don’t vote, and John Key – if he doesn’t listen.

Kind regards

Bob McCoskrie
National Director


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