Poll: Smacking shouldn’t be a crime

Poll: Smacking shouldn't be a crime (Source: NZPA)NZPA


Over 80% of New Zealanders believe a smack should not be a criminal offence and just 13% think it should.

That’s according to a ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

The poll found 83% of New Zealanders think it is okay to smack children under certain circumstances.

Those more likely to say it’s okay under any circumstances were older New Zealanders, over 55, and those living in non-urban areas.

But one in seven say it’s not acceptable under any circumstances.

And only a quarter believe the current law is working as it relates to smacking and child discipline.

Meanwhile, over three quarters of New Zealanders believe the smacking referendum is not a good use of public money.

The poll found 76% of people polled say the $9 million price tag is unjustified, while 20% say it is.

The poll sampled 1000 voters and has a margin of error of 3.1%.


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