Send a message that John Key simply can’t ignore

Send a message that John Key simply can’t ignore

Anti-Smacking Postal Referendum
July 31 – August 21 2009

In the first three weeks of August, NZ’ers will finally have a chance to have their say on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law.

Since the Referendum was formally announced, there has been a media EXPLOSION
* Campaign begins for referendum on child discipline The Electoral Enrollment Centre begins a campaign on Monday to remind voters to check they are enrolled for a referendum on the anti-smacking law
* Vote unlikely to bring law change The Government is unlikely to change the anti-smacking law regardless of the result of the $9 million referendum, Prime Minister John Key says
* MP’s slate smacking poll wordsBecause they don’t like the answer they come to, and the effect of the law they passed!
* Leaders won’t vote in smacking pollNeither Prime Minister John Key nor Labour leader Phil Goff will vote in the smacking referendum
* Big two coy on smacking vote A national referendum is re-igniting debate on the anti-smacking law two years on
* Latest smacking poll – same resultFamily First Media Release 17 June 09
* PM attempting to shut down Referendum debateFamily First Media Release 16 June 09

Now there is the chance to tell the politicians to change the anti-smacking law so that we have laws that acknowledge and value the important role of good parents – but also demand that the real causes of child abuse are targeted.

Family First will be one of the groups speaking up and encouraging NZ’ers to vote NO!
Our plan:
* web-based and media-based
* networking by email
* media interviews
* simply presenting the facts

Our need?
Simple really. We need your financial support .

The ‘opposition’ has no difficulty with funding .
Groups like Barnardos, Plunket, Parents Centre, Families Commission, Children’s Commissioner , and other government-funded organisations are well funded thanks to you – the taxpayer . And they’ve been busy running seminars, websites, sending out briefing sheets to MP’s, publishing newsletters, employing staff especially for this issue,  and sending out social workers far and wide pushing their message.

How do they really view kiwi parents?
If you oppose the anti-smacking law as so many NZ’ers do, you’re demonised as ‘violent’, and a parent who supports ‘bashing’ and ‘assaulting’ children. These groups should hang their head in shame for labelling kiwi parents in such a way.
* Former Children’s Commissioner Ian Hassell referred to opponents to the anti-smacking law as the ‘child-beating lobby LISTEN HERE

* Sue Bradford referred to Family First as the pro-violence lobby

* Barnardos spokeswoman Deborah Morris-Travers said in a Christchurch Press article today “.. Our views of children are perhaps a bit more modern and up to date compared to the other side of the debate …..”

* but the classic quote of the week also comes from Barnardos when Morris-Travers denied the 300,000+ who signed the petition – and the poll after poll after poll that shows 80%+ opposing the law – and makes this statement about Family First
(By the way, this letter is being sent to you by email and will be posted on our website after I talk to my wife on my mobile !!!!)


We will not get a single cent from the government in this Referendum – unlike the opposing argument.

Every donation – large and small – will enable us to get the facts out there, and to promote the important role of parents, the welfare of children, and the real issues of child abuse.

Thanks for your consideration. Together, we can bring some sanity to this debate and demand that the real causes of child abuse are confronted.

Kind regards

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke
Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 – 1797)


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