Family Integrity #483 — We Need Your Feet!

A special request.

We need you! – your energy – and your networking ability – to get the message out!

The March for Democracy will be held
1.30pm Sat 21 November, Queen St Auckland

and will be calling on the government to amend s59 of the Crimes Act so that the law does not treat light smacking for the purpose of correction as a criminal offence, and to respect the democratic voice of NZ’ers.

Please mark this date in your diaries as we make a stand for families and for democracy in New Zealand.

Would you please consider distributing this info amongst your contacts and spreading the word?

Colin Craig, an Auckland businessman who is funding the march, says “I find it deeply disturbing that such a clear message from the people of this country to government has been ignored. My forefathers fought for a democracy and in a democracy the government does not pass and retain laws that nearly 90% of the people don’t want. It is my turn to help fight for the rights of ordinary New Zealanders.”

He’s absolutely right – but he’s not just moaning about it.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is. He wants to host the biggest public march NZ has seen – and we need to get in behind him.

When families speak with such a loud and united voice, as they have on the issue of the anti-smacking law, the politicians must not be allowed to ignore it. It is significant that politicians are willing to accept democracy when it is to their benefit but are willing to blatantly ignore it when it highlights wrong decisions. Voters clearly called for a law change – not comfort and more reviews of a rejected law change.

An average of 83% in the polls over the past 4 years have consistently opposed the anti-smacking law. The high threshold of 285,000 signatures was met for having the Referendum (in fact 310,000 valid signatures in the end), 87.4% of those who voted supported the law change, and yet within a couple of hours, the result was completely dismissed.

A Private Members Bill by ACT MP John Boscawen drawn just 3 days later, against all the odds, was then unilaterally ‘kicked for touch’ by the Prime Minister.

This is now far greater than just the smacking issue. It’s an issue of democracy in New Zealand, and the dismissal of the views of an overwhelming majority of voters by our elected representatives.

It may not be the smacking issue that ‘presses your button’. But imagine if an issue you were passionate about – that had the overwhelming support of the public – was simply ignored, belittled, and dismissed by the politicians. Is that the kind of representative democracy we want?

It appears that political parties are keen to accept petitions in their favour – United Future on daylight saving,  Labour on night-classes – and support binding Referendums – National on MMP, Labour on the Super City, and the Greens on the Monarchy – but when it’s a Citizen’s Initiated Referendum, they suddenly go deaf!

Families need to speak up for democracy – and this is our opportunity.

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Thanks for your consideration.

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3 responses to “Family Integrity #483 — We Need Your Feet!”

  1. Greetings:

    I have 3 wonderful daughters, a nurse, an attorney, and a college prof. We had a beautiful home in Tampa, Fl with a giant swimming pool and a waterfall. It was my pride and joy and I had it enclosed in glass so I could heat it and use it all year with water temp. of 78.

    When my little darlings were 6,8,10 they decided to experiment with food coloring to see how much more beautiful they could make the pool. They mixed green, black and yellow together deciding that would be a nice surprise for Dad’s pride and joy. When I got home from a long day at the University teaching child psychology (my major) I looked at what used to be a pool and had turned into something resembling the contents of a cessspool. I never touched my darlings derriers thinking it as crude and brutal. Without even thinking I searched for something long and flat which turned out to be a wooden paint stirrer. I walked into the family room , closed the door and pulled out my weapon. I smacked each of them at least 20 times and left the room with them sobbing like a pet had died. I sat down, turned on the Tv and Dr. Phil was on talking about the negativities of spanking. I verbalized “you asshole” and turned the channel to something else. Minutes blater my little darlings all were on my lap kissing and saying how sorry they were. The boldest (10) said “daddy, you’ll never do that again, will you?) I smirked and said “I hope not”. That was their first and last spanking and it felt great ( to me). $1200 to have the pool cleaned, water jets roto-rooted, cement scrubbed, and filter replaced. Yes, it felt really good and satisfying to torture their buttocks (that one time). I disapprove of spanking, so don’t tell anyone in my class.

  2. Mike,

    This is an example of a time when one MUST NOT smack:

    I am taking your account at face value, the children were simply being childish, showing lack of judgement…they were not being rebellious.

    On the other hand you were showing all the signs of an abusive parent: smacking them 20 times each was clearly excessive; saying you felt great and satisfied to get a pound of flesh out of your own daughters’ hide for the sake of your beloved pool classifies as a warped sense of value.

  3. I am currently in my third year of psychology and like Admin found this comment very worrying.

    I find it surprising that you teach child psychology. I bet that incident has affected your children more than you like to admit?

    By the way, who was supervising the children?

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