They did not drown out the voice of the people! So what now?

The Kiwi Party
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Kiwi Party Leader and referendum petition organiser Larry Baldock was thrilled by the provisional results released tonight by Chief Electoral Office.
“My wife and I spent 18 months travelling through this country three times listening to people from all walks of life as they signed the petition on street corners, beaches, shows and sports events. What we heard then is confirmed in the result tonight,” said Mr Baldock.
“The turnout of 54% confirms that New Zealanders value democracy and want their voice heard. The 87.6% no vote confirms that parliament was not listening to the people when 113 of them passed the Bradford law in 2007.
“Personally I want to thank so many people for making this referendum and result possible. There have been many hundreds of volunteers who spent many hours of their time collecting signatures who can tonight feel very good about the sacrifice they made.
I also want to thank every Kiwi that took part by casting their vote and continuing to put their faith in our democracy.
“Because of the oxymoronic state of non-binding referenda in this country we must now ask the Prime Minister to respect our efforts and our voices. It is time to stop claiming the ‘law is working well’ when there remains 87% opposition to it after more than 2 years.
“I have outlined a proposal for a way forward in the document attached that I believe would respect the result of this referendum,” Mr Baldock said.


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Attachments: The_way_forward.doc


2 responses to “They did not drown out the voice of the people! So what now?”

  1. My heartiest congratulations to the people of New Zealand.

    Sue Bradford’s abominable Bill should never have been made law from the start, but your PM manipulated the Parliament. I presented the Select Committee with overwhelming evidence comprising of Swedish case law that the anti-smacking law is dangerous. However, the parliamentarians were not allowed to vote according to their consciences. Fortunately Helen Clark’s government lost the subsequent Elections, so I expect that the present government, that won the elections because they gave the electorate the impression that they respected – and would respect – the voice of the people, will respect the results of the Referendum and abolish the law after the landslide victory.

    Recently, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet published an article “Nyzeeländare vill “daska” sina barn” about the NZ referendum on August 21, inst. I have translated the article for your convenience: “New Zealanders want to “smack” their children”. Both the article and the translation have already been sent to you.

    My heartiest congratulations once again to you all for the Referendum and its results.

    Now remains the task to make the government respect the will of the people and abolish that dangerous anti-smacking law.

    Ruby Harrold-Claesson,
    President of the NCHR

  2. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    Yes Ruby we do need our PM Mr John Key to listen to what 9 in 10 Kiwis have said through the 90% of vote no hopers. Much thanks needs to go to Sheryl Savill, Bob McCoskrie Familyfirst and Radio Lives Michael Laws especially Larry Baldock of the Kiwi Party still demanding the PM listen when Miss Helen Clark ignored the people completely.The Johns are the key to all this meaning Act Party John Boscawen, Radio Lives John Tamahere and PM John Key with Chester Borrowes 2007 amendment as Simon Barnett and Christine Rankin have said for over 2 years now the people have spoken we want action and we want it now.

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