Thousands join ‘March for Democracy’

Up to 5000 people have joined the 'Vote with your feet' march through the Auckland CBD today. Photo / NZPA
Between 4000 and 5000 people are marching through central Auckland this afternoon, urging the Government to act on referenda. The "March for Democracy" along Queen Street has been organised to protest the Government's failure to respond to three citizens-initiated referendums including one calling for the repeal anti-smacking legislation. Protesters are bearing placards aimed at Prime Minister John Key, some reading "JK listen to me" and "JFK, John Fuhrer Key". Auckland businessman Colin Craig has funded the march. He said the march is focusing on the Government's failure to respond to referendums on reducing the number of MPs; a more victim-centred justice system; and amending the anti-smacking legislation. He said the march was demanding the smacking law be changed so that a light smack was not a criminal offence.


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  1. It’s so funny watching New Zealand’s bogan and trash elite moan. I bet it was a quiet day at The Warehouse.

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