Hamilton Home Schooling Conference – all welcome – great talks for all parents

Sat 6 March 2010

THEN Conference Hamilton

Venue: Hamilton Sth Baptist Church, 131 Ohaupo Rd, Hamilton

Contact: Margaret, Phone: 07 843 5656, THENmail@gmail.com

Costs: $20 THEN member, $35 nonmember, $40 on-day

Registrations close: Sunday 28 February 2010

(you can still turn up on the day and pay the on-day registration)

Vendors: Home Education Foundation, Learnex, CES Books and more.


9am Open for Registrations including on the day registrations

10am Start and Welcome

10.05am – 10.30am Craig Smith — Keynote Address

10.30 Morning Tea, Vendors Open

11.00am – 12.00pm Session 1

Craig Smith: Getting Started in Home Education: In this presentation Craig Smith covers the details of getting your child out of school, different approaches to home education, curriculum materials and the legal aspects of home education. For those new to home education this is a great place to get an over view.

Wintech, University and Vision College reps: Preparing for Tertiary

Rowena Powell: Reading, the Reluctant Reader and Maths Reluctant: Rowena home educated her own children and now specializes in teaching reading writing and maths to children who need extra help. Her workshops usually have a hands on approach to how you go about helping children to master the art of reading writing and maths.

Barbara Smith: Coping with/Avoiding Burnout: During this presentation Barbara Smith will look at the symptoms and causes of home school burnout and strategies for avoiding it. Many of us worry about whether what we are doing is right, is there a better way and strive too hard. Barbara will lead us to an understanding of what home education really calls us to.

12 pm Lunch BYO. Tea and coffee provided

12.45 pm – 1.25pm Session 2

Craig Smith: Is it possible to discipline children in our undisciplined society? It will be very interesting to hear what Craig has to say here. He is right; society is undisciplined. How do we teach discipline to our children in a world that mocks it.

Barbara Smith: Books, Great books and more books: How is your home library coming along? From her years of home education experience Barbara will share her wisdom of what it really is worth spending your money on to develop your home library. What books are of greatest value? And Why?

Gladys Billings: Teaching Writing: Gladys is the home schooling mother of Anna (15) and David (15).
If our child is a good reader we naturally think they will be a good writer. But this does not always follow. Writing is a skill which any child can acquire so as to express themselves creatively or in essays. For the last 4 years Gladys used Andrew Pudewa’s wonderful user-friendly Excellence in Writing material to teach children how to write.

Johanna Whittaker: Lapbooking and Unit Studies: Johanna is the home schooling mum to Nathan (10) and Grace (12). She discovered the creativity, fun and convenience of Lapbooking when undertaking unit study work with her children. They have been making lapbooks for about five years, subjects ranging from butterflies to India. If you just want to find a way to conveniently record and store project work in an attractive innovative way, then investigate this workshop.

1.30pm – 2.30pm Session 3

Craig Smith: Dads: The dad’s essential role in home education is what Craig will explore during this session. The father’s input into home education and family life is vital. Craig as father of a large family will share his wisdom and experience and hopefully inspire other dads to get more involved in their children’s education.

Margaret Evans: Homeschooling on the Smell of an Oily Rag: Margaret is a mother of 6, who has home educated her family over 22 years, much of that time while on the DPB. Can it be done without spending much money, and how do you choose what to spend the little you have on? Alison Kinghorn, who home educated her three children, will also have some input.

Barbara Smith: Training our Children’s Minds: Barbara takes the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages of classical education and applies it to the Hebrew/interpersonal approach to learning which results in a very interesting and informative workshop.

Katherine Baxendine: Home schooling Large Families: Kathy is married to David. They live on a dairy farm in Matamata area with their 11 children who range in age from 19 years to 15 months. Along with Kate Molloy (mother of 8 children) Kathy will lead the workshop whereby they will share ideas and tips that have helped them in their homeschooling.

2.40pm – 3.15pm Panel of homeschooling parents, and homeschool graduates – chaired by Craig Smith.

Close and thank yous

Afternoon tea and vendors stalls open until 4pm


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  1. This conference sounds fantastic! So glad that New Zealanders have this available – keep up the good work!

  2. Home Schooling is also nice since you got to always see your kids.*.,

  3. James Garcia Avatar
    James Garcia

    i was also home schooled when i was younger and it is also a great weay to get your education.:`;

  4. anonymous Avatar

    another dear little baby killed by a monster murderer politicians must fix this our leaders need to lead and repeal the antismacking law

  5. i was home schooled and it is quite satisfactory when providing basic education`”`

  6. Two of my children were home schooled and it is as good as regular education-~’

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