Petition to the Church to Re-Open

We submit to you that the governmental responses to the SARS CoV 2 virus have been in error. They have followed the precedent set by communist China for responding to a potential pandemic rather than a Biblical precedent. In doing so, they have acted ultra vires their God-given jurisdiction in these ways:

A. By requiring the whole population to quarantine rather than just those who are sick.

B. By requiring businesses to close.

C. By engaging in quantitative easing.

D. By initially prohibiting protests against the lockdown.

E. By prohibiting the church from assembling together.

The state has broken covenant with its citizens.

Insofar as the church has stood by silently while the state took these actions, the church has also broken covenant.

The Bible teaches us what we should have done.

For more information and the Petition please go to the links below:


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