ACT will repeal the anti-smacking legislation


On Kiwiblog today, there was a comment that ACT were only interested in “slogans not policy”… which of course I don’t agree is true. However Rodney (what other political party leader would be bothered to write a rebuttal??) got online and posted these words of wisdom:

I am not an expert on law and order policy. I realise its the number one job of government to keep us safe and secure from the thugs and bullies — and to back us up when we defend ourselves. I have listened to the debates in Parliament and concluded the MPs and bureaucrats have no answers, just more of the same.

That’s why I enlisted the help of Garth McVicar of Sensible Sentencing Trust and Peter Low from the Asian Anti-Crime Group. They have helped ACT a lot with policy.

Roger Douglas has taught me that it is not enough simply to care. You need policies that will deliver results. And people who can deliver the policy.

That’s why we have worked so hard on this one with so many different groups. Garth has been a great help. And it was a huge bonus to be able to attract David Garret to stand at list place number five. He’s the most impressive speaker on law and order I have heard.

A key policy is the SST’s three strikes and your out. It’s been drafted by David Garrett. It will work. We have committed an extra billion a year to keeping our streets safe.

And no, it doesn’t include smacking. Besides, ACT will repeal the anti-smacking legislation following the referendum.

ACT has worked hard to have credible fiscal policy. We have done the same in education. I am especially proud of the work on law and order. I know of no other party that has done the work we have or who are offering a genuine alternative this election.

It was especially heartening to have Garth McVicar and Peter Low speak at our law and order launch.


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