Anti-Smacking Conference At Venue Where Research Contradicts


24 July 2008

Anti-Smacking Conference At Venue Where Research Contradicts

Family First NZ says that it is highly ironic that the anti-smacking lobby is gathering together at Otago University this coming weekend to try and sell the deeply flawed anti-smacking law.

Otago University research showed that reasonable and appropriate smacking for the purpose of correction was not harmful and in some circumstances was actually beneficial in the development of a child.

“The Dunedin multidisciplinary health and development study released in 2006 found that children who are smacked lightly with an open hand on the bottom, hand or leg do much the same in later life as those who are not smacked,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “They had similar, and sometimes even slightly better outcomes, in terms of aggression, substance abuse, adult convictions and school achievement than those who were not smacked at all.”

“Just up the road at the Christchurch School of Medicine, Professor David Fergusson found there was no difference between not smacking and moderate physical punishment. The research said ‘It is misleading to imply that occasional or mild physical punishment has long term adverse consequences’.”

“We hope that delegates at the conference will take time to examine the local research which contradicts the ideology behind the flawed anti-smacking law, will heed the warnings of the Swedish experience where the smacking ban has done more harm than good, and will respect and heed the call of over 80% of NZ’ers to change the law,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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