One Response to “Family Integrity #437 — Parents scared”

  1. Madeleine says:

    It is Sue Bradford who never understood the law in the first place. At a debate with Stephen Franks (incredibly sharp legal brain) in Dunedin where philosophers Matthew Flannagan and Glenn Peoples were present, despite the devastating clarity presented to Sue Bradford by these three she just blithely went around in circles.

    Prior to witnessing this I actually thought she knew what the law was and had a devious agenda. I now firmly believe that she actually thought that s59 permitted child abuse, she utterly is not capable of making distinctions. I think her IQ is lacking.

    (She also clearly has an anti-smacking agenda and that was at play)

    The problem with the lack of understanding over the new law is that it is drafted in contradictions and waffle that is so poor it cannot even be called “legalese”. I am completing my Bachelor of Law at Auckalnd University right now and I have to say that although the lecturers for the most part try to take non-partisan stances, it is clear that my opinion that this Labour government’s legal drafting team could be replaced by first year law students who would do a better job.

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