FI-334-CIR Update no 19

2 January 2008 – Family Integrity #334 – CIR Update no 19


I trust you have all enjoyed the Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebrations.

We start the new year of 2008 with great news!

We now have collected over a quarter of a million signatures and that is fantastic! 251,280

I have attached an article I will release to the media tomorrow afternoon, Jan 2nd along with a press release. Perhaps you may have contact with local media in your area and you could forward it to them. At this time of year many journalists are looking for stories.

It might be an idea if you are able to print some copies of it, (or make photo copies) and hand them out when collecting signatures.

The second attachment is a photo to perhaps give you some ideas about setting up a table in holiday spots. Barbara and I collected 150 the first day in 2 hrs, then 250 in 4hrs and then 650 for a whole day from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Total 1050.

We have found in recent weeks we have been able to average about 1000 per week and perhaps one of the keys to this has been the signs we use. A new sign, as you can see in the photo which say’s A SMACK IS NOT CHILD ABUSE, DON’T CRIMINALISE GOOD PARENTS,’ seems to be working really well in sending a clear message to people about what we are supporting and what we are against.

Once people approach the table all we have to say usually is, would you like to sign, the first petition says, “should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ? We don’t think so, and the second petition is to address the real causes of child abuse like family breakdown, lack of parenting education etc, which would make more of a difference than banning smacking, so would sign that one as well please.

And that is normally all that is required.

You may have developed your own procedure and that is working well for you already, I simply offer this as a suggestion that might help some.

I will send another update in a week or so with the dates of events that are coming up in Jan-Mar that we hope to gather a team to go to but for starters here are some.

Steve is looking for volunteers for the Wairoa A & P show Jan 18-19th and we are very keen to get a team to the Martinborough fare in the Wairarapa Feb 2nd and March 1st.

The Dargaville field days Feb 28-March 1st is also a good gathering I am told. Anyone keen to organise that let me know.

I have arranged a site at the Parachute festival Jan 25th -28th so if you are heading there and would be willing to volunteer some time at the table there let me know.

Happy holidays, the weather is great. I hope you will be able to find a little tome at least to join

The Great Summer Challenge!
Warm regards,


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