FI-335-CIR Update no 19 – response

3 January – Family Integrity #335 – CIR Update no 19 – response

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From: Janie
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Family Integrity #334 – CIR Update no 19

Hooray for this!!!
Excellent media article by Larry!

I myself have some interesting news. Gisborne is also ripe for the picking. I have been up here doing a locum job at the hospital.

Just wandering round the beaches in my downtime I have casually asked people “Have you had the opportunity to sign this petition?” “No, about what?” they normally answer. Then I say “it is opposing the Sue Bradford anti-smacking bill that was passed earlier in the year.” (last year now). 9 out of 10 of them have wanted to sign the petition, just as I’ve been casually wandering around the beach!!

Today at the airport I heard a middle-aged Mum joking with her grown young woman daughter about not being able to smack her without being arrested, so after the plane had left I casually asked these parents if they wanted to sign; and they did; but the woman added “You really should set up a table in town to get signatures”.

Unfortunately as I am in Gisborne to work at the hospital and have very little free time, it is not really feasible for me to set up a table in town. But I would plead with anyone who has contacts here in sunny Gizzy to organise a table. The place is heaving in the summer time and nearly everyone who hasn’t already signed it wants to. Do you know anyone??


Then in a later email from Janie:

But the main thing is, we need someone down here to canvass Gisborne. I may try to wander around a bit more this afternoon, but am on call so not that available; and tomorrow return to Dunedin.

Has anyone hit Dunedin by the way??


So here is a challenge from Janie to grab the spare moments we have to go collect signatures. People are just waiting for you to approach them so that they can sign the petitions. we have less than 3 months left now. So print out a few petitions ( grab a few clip boards (or large thin books and bull dog clips) and a few pens and you are all set for an afternoon of collecting signatures.

Craig and Barbara


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