FI-348-New launch of second petition

13 February Family Integrity #348 — New launch of second petition

For your information

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From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 12:44 PM
To: Future NZ Tga
Subject: New launch of second petition

Hi everyone,

Attached is a draft of two docs in relationship to my petition (these are below).

We have several thousand less signatures on this one and so need to find ways to catch up with it if it is to force a referendum also.

Gordon will be sending these out to the Catholic and Anglican Bishops. I will talk with the Salvation Army and Presbyterians. Glyn has agreed to send it through Vision Network in the hope that some churches that did not do much with the first petition because it was controversial where they had pro and anti smackers in their churches, might now get behind this one. There are still at least 100,000 Christians who attend church every week that have not signed either petition. At least 100,000 considering the huge numbers of non Christians we meet at events all over the country,

Could you pleas have a quick look at this and let me know if you have any suggestions of changes or additions.

I will put out an update today which will confirm we have 295,000 of Sheryl’s signatures.

I talked with Norm Withers yesterday and he advised that he lost 60,000 signatures from the audit process after he handed his in,

So we will need more

We must have 286,000 authentic confirmed signatures to force the referendum as I mentions in the ‘the process doc’ I sent out with update 20.


Larry Baldock

Party Leader

The Kiwi Party



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