FI-349-U4L; Great News

14 February Family Integrity #349 — U4L; Great News

From: Craig Hill []

Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 7:27 AM
Subject: U4L; Great News

Hi All,

The new total is now been confirmed at 295,232 sigs,  a big thanks to those who have sent their sigs in and haven’t sat on them.  The web site will be updated shortly.

Our family have just returned from a quick break and as for myself I will be wadding through a number of unanswered emails and preparing for the Franklin A&P Show, there has been a number of fantastic reports referring to collections over this past week. This will explain the surge in signatures.

Below is the actual referendum status, please read carefully, it’s good news. We can continue our efforts joyfully and not be motivated by panic or fear. But we still need to keep our foot on the throttle.

Following this status report there are a couple of recent testimonies which are very encouraging.


There is also the Waimumu Field Days (Gore 13th-15th) volunteers can contact Natilie on 027 217 4 666

This Weekend we have the Franklin A&P Show, runs Fri, Sat, Sun. If there are any volunteers please contact me at or phone 021746113.

If there are other events that I have missed please contact me as soon as possible, thanks. Contact details as per Franklin A&P Show details.

HI everyone,

Well D Day is approaching. ( Delivery Day!)

The total as of today is 295,232.  10,736 came in this week!

The second Petition has quite a few 000’s less but we can still make it with that one as well.

Please keep up your efforts at collecting both as much as possible. I shall send you more about that early next week.

The actual number of signatures we need to force the referenda is 286,000 give or take a few hundred. The number on the electoral role changes daily but is generally around that mark. We always planned on targeting 300,000 for the first deadline so that we would be sure of having enough. Our great team of volunteers here in Tauranga have done an excellent job counting and checking the petitions so that we avoid sending in too many dodgy ones.   

So to have 295,000 pretty good ones is excellent.

I spoke with Norm Withers yesterday about how many signatures the Clerks disallowed off his petition when he first submitted his. He told me he gave them 307,000 and they disallowed over 60,000. I do not think we will loose as many as that for the reason I mentioned above, but we cannot afford to relax just yet.

 I am hopeful we will have around 315,000 by Feb 29th after two more weeks of collecting.

On March 1st in Christchurch the Kiwi Party will have a conference and I would like to begin with a tribute to all those who have participated in this enormous effort over the last 12 months. I want to put together a power point slide/video show so if any of you have any photos relating to the petitions and collections, please send them in to Andy Moore in Christchurch

Talk to you again soon,

Warm regards,

Larry Baldock

Hi guys,

 Went to an event in Porirua today and got 500 signatures for each petition. I was by myself for most of the day then my wife came and helped. At one point I had all 15 clipboards going!!! Mayhem.

 Unfortunately, as I was setting up my signs about 8am, a ladder I was using had one leg collapse and I fell and broken my right wrist. Couldn’t use my hand all day, and have just got back from hospital confirming the damage and am on to WN hospital to get it set in plaster.

 A bother really – my hammer hand – and it has to be immobilized for 6 weeks!!

 It may be a blessing disguise if I can get some surgery that will also put me out for 6 weeks, done during the same time – but can’t see the silver lining at the moment!! J
All the best


I don’t know whether it’s possible to use this account as an encouragement to anybody or not, but I thought I’d tell you about my day yesterday and see if you can use it in any way.

I live in a remote rural area and only travel in to the city every few weeks. I am reasonably friendly with a number of the shop assistants and receptionists that I deal with regularly. Yesterday I decided to print off a few petition forms from the net and take them with me. I have never done petitions or anything similar before, and I don’t feel very confident about approaching people about things like this. First miracle: as I was in the hairdresser’s getting my hair cut I managed to turn the subject of conversation to the anti-smacking thing. My hairdresser considers it a stupid law and said so. I asked her if she’d like to sign the petition which I had in my bag. She immediately said yes, and there was also a chorus of agreement from every other woman in the room. I ended up leaving the form on their counter for the day. When I went to collect it they asked if I could leave it there for a week or two- virtually everyone coming in to have their hair done was signing it!

Second miracle: I was held up in a queue at a shop for a VERY long time- probably 20 minutes…. I started to chat with both the ladies behind me- they both signed the petition.

Third one: I walked in to the supermarket and my young son, who is a learner driver on supermarket trolleys, accidentally almost rammed a lady with it. I managed to call out and stop him. I looked apologetically at her and said: “You know, if I’d have grabbed him, I would have been breaking the law!!” She was quite friendly and commented on what a stupid law it is. Right then and there she signed the petition……

And so my day went on- the lady in the waiting room at the orthodontist… the people at stationery shop… the mother and son at the market garden…

by the end of the day I came home with 26 signatures, and have yet to collect the forms from the hairdresser.

My message to anyone who feels too shy to do this kind of thing-

I had 1 person unwilling to sign, and 2 who had already signed it. EVERYONE else signed!!!

Go for broke, folk.


Thank you,
Craig Hill

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke  1729-1797)


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