FI-362-Demographic Winter is World wide!

8 March 2008 Family Integrity #362 — Demographic Winter is World wide!

Dear Friends,


Here is a link to a very significant, 7-page newsletter.


It is from the World Congress of Families (WCF). It is a truly International and ecumenical organisation with members and connections within national governments world wide! One of the articles, “WCF Responds to Attack in The Nation” gives you a quick overview of who WCF is. I’ve been following what they do for a couple of years now, and I am both encouraged and impressed.


They have just released a DVD with the most amazing and honestly, unbelievable, message: that demographic winter (birth rates below replacement levels) is NOT just a malady of rich western nations, but is a global phenomenon! You know, we hear how Muslims are flooding into Europe, having six children each, and simply taking over since average European families only have 1.5 children each, not even replacing themselves. Well, apparently the facts show that second generation Muslims, growing up in the west, are not having six children each. In fact, not even first generation Muslims are having six children each.


I am encouraged because home schooling families tend to have a lot more than 2.1 children each (the number needed for bare replacement). We have 8 children. There are several home schooling families at our church who have 5 and 6 each; one has 7 and another has 9. And none of these families is out of child-bearing years yet, not by a long shot!


Here is part of the vision for fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28: have large families and disciple them thoroughly as soldiers of the Cross of Christ and to also have large families who will be discipled in the same way. What with our unbelieving NZ culture killing off its progeny via abortion and killing off themselves via homosexual and other immoral lifestyles, give us only a mere two or three generations and we’ll have them!


On page 7 of the newsletter is a link to the DVD where you can view a trailer of it. To me it was one of those monumental paradigm-shattering experiences when, despite how hard the agenda-driven media tries to keep us in the dark, the truth finally shines forth. The link to the DVD trailer itself is here:

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