FI-364-U4L collecting sigs in Kumeu, etc.

8 March 2008 Family Integrity #364 — U4L collecting sigs in Kumeu, etc.

From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 7:25 AM
Subject: U4L

Hi All,

Temperatures still rising, the latest total is now at 340,000. Web site will be updated accordingly.

Urgent, John from out West Auckland needs assistance at the Kumeu A&P Show on Saturday/Sunday. If anyone can help please contact John on 0274717099.

A word of caution, recently there seems to be two popular responses from both people in authority and the media,and guaranteed they are going to be repeated time and time again. They are “We have moved on” and “Nothing is going through the courts so the law must be working”. From my experience mainstream New Zealand know their minds and won’t be fooled, this propaganda will impact our politicians more than any one else. It is then very important not to lose sight of the need keep pressure on our politicians.

U4L’s Three point plan

Firstly, we need to gather as many signatures as possible, every signature counts. Secondly, be alert to every opportunity to lobby/remind your local MP.Thirdly, take confidence that main stream New Zealand wants to change this crazy law.

Here’s encouraging feedback from the Hawkes Bay team from last weekend.

We had a team collecting at the Mission Concert in Napier yesterday.

We collected 2,800 signatures!

I think the recent publicity about the petition has made people more determined, also people here are anti-government anyway after the sacking of the local Health Board.

Keep up the good work, it an’t over until the fat lady sings.

Craig Hill


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