FI387-U4L; The big push

3 June 2008 – Family Integrity #387 — U4L; The big push

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From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 8:51 AM
Subject: U4L; The big push

Hi All,


We only have a couple of weeks (approx) for collecting signatures.

If you have any signatures laying around please send them in.

*The big push is happening in Auckland,

*Truth is, Christchurch is leading the way with 3000 sigs last weekend.
Unfortunately we in Auckland have been dragging the chain a little. Our
big push starts with the Warriors game on Friday night, ticket sales
start at 2pm and the gates open at 5pm, our intention is to start
gathering from 2pm onwards. If we could muster 20 or 30 folk there is no
reason why we could not realize 2-3000 sigs in the one evening.

Saturday, I encourage the targeting of your local sports fields, we had
a great response from Papakura last week. If you feel a little
apprehensive about this then the irony is that you are probably the
right person for the job. We have found the best and most successful
approach has been a “quiet excuse me sir/madam, we have a petition you
would like to sign”, works 99.9% of the time.

Saturday night, you can use your imagination, I intend on visiting a few
of the local bars.

We also have part of the Christchurch team arriving on Friday afternoon,
they will be working hard up here and then they’re heading off to
Hamilton for the field days.

You can contact me on mobile 021746113


*Wayne is keen to swamp the All Black test match against Ireland, all
hands on deck would be much appreciated. Wayne can be contacted on
mobile 02102325536*

A recent observation, there seems to be a number of anti-smackers asking
what our actual position on smacking is, some are realizing that the
wrong people are being targeted.

The best answer to this question is:

It’s not about the right to smack
It’s about the right to parent

*Still waiting for a few updates from around the country, will post
these on Wednesday.

Let’s bring this puppy home

Craig Hill

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do
nothing” (Edmund Burke


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