FI394-Sickoes after our children

10 June 2008 Family Integrity #394 — Sickoes after our children

Sometimes people err in their judgement. Sometimes people go a bit over the top in their enthusiasm for making a point.
But there is a political party that now claims it knows what is best — better than you or me — for our own grandchildren. (See link below.)
It has already shown no regard for cultural, religious, traditional, ethnic or ethical philosophies that differ from their own by ramming through legislation over the heads of 83% of voters.
It can do this since none of their MPs are directly accountable to voters anyway, all being list MPs.
This party makes those claims using vulgarity which again takes no heed of the social, religious and cultural sensitivities of others.
These people thus show themselves to be totally oblivious of others, totally wrapped up in their own self-perceived importance, totally pre-occupied with putting opposition down by juvenile denigration rather than robust argumentation or debate.
They are clearly out to subvert our children away from us, whatever we think…unless we’re their same sick shade of green.
Such people are clearly not fit to be in Parliament.
If you’re not home schooling yet, you should be. Not only do they see government schools as political indoctrination centres, they’ve already legislated any act of child correction any of us may perform in our homes above the level of “inconsequential” as an act of criminal child abuse worth as much as two years in jail.
Have a nice day.
Warning: the attachment is offensive.
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