FI395-This is partly why…

10 June Family Integrity #395 — This is partly why…

Dear Friends,
Here is a comment from a friend in Masterton. She relates the following about collecting signatures for the petition which is asking to revisit the repeal of Section 59 with a referendum at the next election (the petition in opposition to the Green’s anti-smacking legislation):
Not sure if I had told you about the young lady we came across at Martinborough fair?…. She was very agitated about us being there and was giving the usual ‘rant’ when someone from the public, an older lady, asked her if she had any children, and she replied, No, but I have a degree”!!!!!! Well that just brought forth a roar of laughter from the crowd!!
This is partly why I have a somewhat negative attitude at times toward academia in general and the look-down-the-nose arrogance of these ivory tower types whose only claim to fame are the letters after their names. Twenty years ago, when collecting signatures on the petition against the homosexual law reform, the only people who even hesitated to sign were academics. When polling my neighbourhood about zoning issues a few years ago, it was the academic neighbour who didn’t want to initial the “Yes” or the “No” box, but wanted to initial the space between the two!
Craig Smith, BA (Social Policy, Massey 1998)


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