Govt creating renegade generation


Govt creating renegade generation

24 June 2008. The Family Party is calling on the Prime Minister to acknowledge the concerns of the majority of New Zealanders by holding the smacking referendum at the General Election.

In today’s NZ Herald Prime Minister Helen Clark has virtually ruled out a referendum on smacking at this year’s election, saying there will not be time to organise one.

Family Party leader Richard Lewis says the smacking law remain a serious concern in South Auckland communities, where the Family Party has continued to collect petition signatures.

“The Prime Minister continues to manipulate New Zealand’s democratic process by denying New Zealanders the opportunity to have their say on this very important issue at the most cost-effective and expedient opportunity, which is this coming General Election. It is this kind of disregard towards the concerns of New Zealanders that has rendered Labour irrelevant and out of touch with the realities of everyday family life,” said Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis says the Government has failed to make the connection between Law and Order and parental authority in the home.

“Not a day goes by without a parent raising the issue of parental correction and establishing boundaries in the home. Government still fails to realise that Law and Order begins in the home. By undermining parents in the home they’re setting up a generation of kids to be renegades in community. So don’t be surprised when more children and young people emerge into community with a bad attitude and a complete disregard for others and authority,” he added.


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