FI411-Prime Ministers arrogance re Petition

25 June 2008 Family Integrity #411 — Prime Ministers arrogance re Petition

Outrageous arrogance!

Kiwi Party Leader and CIR Petition organiser Larry Baldock said he was outraged at the Prime Ministers arrogance in declaring in Parliament today that the referendum on the Anti-smacking law would not be held until 2009.

“Hiding behind Ministry of Justice advice is cowardly. She should tell the truth and admit that it is her intention to do all she can to avoid this referendum at the election for her own political reasons,” said Mr Baldock.

“No matter what she does this is an election issue that will not go away. I promise all those who put their trust in me as they signed the petition that our voice will not be drowned out!

“The reasons given by the PM in response to John Key’s question are ridiculous. In 1999 the voting was delayed due to a referendum being held at the same time. This was because they tried to count the election results and the referendum simultaneously. The review conducted after that election recommended that the problem could be solved by simply counting the referendum after the ballot papers.

“Suggesting there might need to be more polling booths is incredible. The same number of people will be voting as those completing a simple question on one more piece of paper for the referendum.

Will there be additional costs of handling the referendum at the election? Of course, but they are the necessary and worthy costs of preserving our democracy. Any costs to the taxpayer have really been caused by the 113 MP’s that voted for a law that was clearly opposed by 80% of the population, and not by those seeking the referendum.

“If our officials cannot handle this extra organisation then we must conclude that Labour have really stuffed this country up in the last 9 years by appointing more incompetent people than we imagined.

“As soon as the Referendum is officially approved by the Clerk of the House I will be calling on the hundreds of thousands who signed the petition and the remaining 1.5 million Kiwis who wanted to have their say in a referendum at this election, to join me in protesting the anti-democratic dictatorial behavior of the Prime Minister and this government by taking to the streets”, said the Kiwi Party leader.


Larry Baldock
Party Leader
Phone: 021 86 4833


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