Law continues to be a dog’s breakfast

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Law continues to be a dog’s breakfast

Kiwi Party leader and Anti-smacking referendum organiser Larry Baldock called on the Prime Minister to stop wasting taxpayers money defending the indefensible!

“Let’s understand what John Key is saying,” said Mr Baldock. “He is advising parents to break the law if they want to by smacking their children if they believe that is the right thing to do. Then he spends our money setting up a special hotline for those good parents who may have some pangs of conscience about breaking the law so they can ring in for reassurance about their criminal activity.  Why not just change the law?

“All this comes after yet another report that has wasted more of our taxes, to defend a law that the PM called a dog’s breakfast.

“The truth is John Key is afraid of Sue Bradford and all her anti-smackers. He will cling to any excuse to hold the line, rather than upset a small minority that have made it clear there will be ‘hell to pay’ if they are not listened too and obeyed.

“That is why John Key said, “All I can tell you is if we went back and changed the law this is what I think would happen. There would be a very intense debate in NZ and those that are opposed to smacking could run a very ferocious campaign and at the end of that process right or wrong, some people would feel quite differently about it.” (JK Family Forum Sept 18, 2009)

“It is ironic that the majority that have followed lawful and peaceful means of protesting this crazy law are ignored, while the Prime Minister bows to those whom he thinks would engage in a very ferocious campaign!


Larry Baldock


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