NZ Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity Standing silent for those who have no voice.

Prolife NZ
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
12:00am – 11:55pm
New Zealand

Everyday in NZ almost 50 babies have their lives ended by abortion.

On October 20, 2009 people from all over this nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children. They will stand together silently for those who have no voice. They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.

Are you willing to give up your voice for a day for those who will never have a voice?

Join the movement! Change your facebook profile picture to the Silent Solidarity picture! So many are doing this already, use the following picture…

Contact Simeon to get more info about silent protests in your area, or start your own and let him know!


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