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Petition asking the church to make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

Around the world there is an increasing push to remove the ability for people to decline vaccines for themselves or their dependents for religious reasons. Why? Because no churches have statements objecting to vaccines for any reason.12

However, there are valid reasons why people would object to vaccines—the foremost of which is the use of aborted babies in vaccines. If churches would make statements about the use of aborted babies in vaccines it would empower those who would decline vaccines to do so. It would also provide assistance in the fight against government mandated or coerced vaccination and even to appeal to private businesses to rethink their coercive policies.3

Please consider taking these actions.

A.      Print, fill out, sign and give the petition to the leadership of your local church. 

B.      Send the petition to all your Christian contacts in the world asking them to do the same.

The petition is designed to be signed by individual Christians anywhere in the world and given to their local church. It asks their church to: one, make a statement opposing the use of fetal cell lines in vaccines and mandatory or coerced vaccination and two, communicate this opposition with the congregation and with the appropriate politicians. 

The petition is designed to accomplish these things:

1.       Raise awareness of the issue of the use of fetal cell lines in vaccines. 

2.       Alert people so that they are ready to fight against mandatory/coerced vaccines. 

3.       Create a ground swell of churches making statements on this issue (and posting them on their websites) to empower people to fight against mandatory/coerced vaccination. 

4.       Raise an objection to mandatory/coerced vaccines with the state pre-emptively. 

These four things will create a good foundation for if/when further appeals need to be made to the state not to force or coerce vaccination.

Petition for religious or conscientious reasons – re vaccines

Friday, January 29th, 2021

In links below are petitions asking the church to make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines.

In Australia we recently lost the ability to decline vaccines for religious reasons. We lost this ability because no churches in Australia had a statement objecting to vaccines for any reason.

The USA is going down this track too with five states so far removing the ability to object for religious reasons and Biden wanting that to apply across the board for Covid-19 vaccines.

Kiwiland is pretty good about not forcing vaccines, but if they follow Australia, they might lose this ability too.

The petitions below have been put together particularly for New Zealanders and Australians.

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is due to start in February in Australia and many quarters are talking about the need for government and/or employers to make it mandatory. Some airlines have said you won’t be able to fly internationally with them unless you take the vaccine. These coercive measures for an experimental vaccine are out of line. There will be many who will want to decline the vaccine for religious or conscientious reasons. It is hoped that if lots of churches make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines, that this will help people who want to decline to be vaccinated, to do so. At any rate, it is a step closer to winning back the ability to object for religious or conscientious reasons.

Please read the links below and if you agree, take these actions:

  1. Fill it out with the name of your church and your name, sign, date and give to the leadership of your church.
  2. Forward the petition to all your Christian contacts in Australia and New Zealand. Ask them to do the same.

The numbers in the body of these petitions are not hyperlinks. They are just blue numbers pointing to the footnotes!

Pro-Life: Please sign the Petition

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Have you signed the petition yet?
“We, the undersigned, oppose any attempt to introduce extreme abortion laws in NZ.
Any changes would potentially pave the way for
* late term abortions (abortion up to birth),
* ‘gendercide’ (aborting children on the basis of their gender),
* eugenics (aborting those with disabilities e.g. Down’s syndrome),
* and possibly even partial-birth abortions.
Along with protecting the rights of the unborn child, we need to protect the health and welfare of mothers (and fathers as well) and the rights of women to know the medical facts in order that they can make fully informed and independent decisions.”

Prolife NZ Tour 2011 – Creating a Prolife NZ

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Prolife NZ Tour 2011 – Creating a Prolife NZ

The 2011 Prolife NZ tour aims to throw light on the issue of abortion here in New Zealand. Over 18,000 abortions take place each year. Their goal is to increase people’s awareness about abortion, and to train the next generation of pro-lifers to speak out on this social injustice :)

This year they are delighted to introduce two incredible high profile pro-life leaders from the States…

Bryan Kemper runs a thought-provoking blog aimed primarily at youth

He is the founder of StandTrue Pro-Life and the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity.

Bryan has spent years reaching out to youth and encouraging this generation to get involved, and now he has endeavored to continue that outreach with Stand True Ministries.

Stand True is an organization that asks of young people, “Will you stand?”

Bryan has certainly chosen to, and he can only hope and pray that others will too.

Jill Stanek blogs at, a must-read for all pro-lifers.

Jill has previously worked as a registered nurse in the Labour & Delivery Department at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. She discovered not only were abortions being committed there, but babies were being aborted alive, and left to die without medical care.
When hospital leaders said that they would not stop, Jill went public and has become a national figure in the effort to protect both born and pre-born infants.

Jill has been quoted in the national media on television, on radio, in print, and by local and national legislators.

Jill is awesome. You’ll love her!

Itinerary: Key Dates

grab your diary… venues to be confirmed

29 -31 January – Wellington

1 February – Palmerston North

2 – 3 February – Christchurch

4 February – Dunedin

5 – 6 February – Auckland

7 February – Hamilton

tour details are subject to change

Wellington Protest Against FPA Abortion License

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Press Release: Wellington Protest Against FPA Abortion License

Pro-life Kiwis will on Friday march in solidarity with the unborn, protesting the abortion bid by the Family Planning Clinic.

The protest coincides with the 30 November end date for the petition put forward by Sue Roe. The petition calls for the Abortion Supervisory Committee to deny the Family Planning Association’s request to be permitted to commit abortions against mothers and their pre-born children up to 9 weeks at their Hamilton clinic.

The Family Planning Association has previously announced its intention to convert all of its centres into providers of chemical abortions. If the Hamilton clinic is granted a license it will be a matter of time before New Zealand receives the dubious honour of having 30 new abortion clinics throughout the country.

Women and girls of any age will be able to come into the clinic without an appointment, receive counselling and then go ahead with an abortion in the same visit.

“This is terrible as mothers will be compelled to make an abortion decision within a very short time-frame,” says march co-organiser Andy Moore. “This will lead to women being encouraged to have an abortion, taking the pill and then regretting their decision shortly afterwards.”

“They want to be allowed to kill children with the chemical abortion method,” he says. “The first pill starves the baby of essential nutrients followed by the second pill about 48 hours later which artificially stimulates an extremely premature birth. It’s an unthinkably awful way for anyone to die. Not only this, but often the baby is pushed out when the mother is at home, occasionally alive and then dying very shortly afterwards. RU486 abortions not only destroy innocent human life but are often a traumatic experience for the mother.”

Marchers will gather in front of Parliament at 4:30pm on Friday 27 November, marching to the Margaret Sparrow Family Planning Clinic at 35 Victoria Street. All are welcome to this peaceful march.


Allforlife – Prolife training workshop: Saturday 28 November 2009

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Saturday 28 November 2009

Register | Speakers | Travel
Accomodation | Programme

A workshop hosted by Voice for Life Kapiti in Paraparaumu,

1hr North of Wellington

Free Registration!
Lunch Provided – Donations Welcome

As a local pro-life group we have become increasingly convinced that whilst many of us are intuitively pro-life, we need to be better at articulating…

“why we believe what we believe”

In the abortion debate, if we are ever going to get better traction and claw back the lost ground, we will need to upskill.

Furthermore, we are conscious that the grass roots membership rarely comes together to learn, to inspire, and to network.

Download the All for Life



To register your interest in attending the All for Life Pro-Life Training Workshop, please either download the brochure/rego-form (above), or email Dave the coordinator :)

You can also… Register online

We do require confirmation for catering purposes.


Brian Whittaker
Facilitator for All for Life workshopBorn and raised in Wellington and living on the Kapiti Coast since 1986. Brian has travelled extensively, particularly through third World Countries. A self employed Property Valuer. Married to Chris who home schools their seven Children. Member of Voice for Life Kapiti.

Brendan Malone
Family Life

Brendan is married to Katie, they have a daughter Lucy and have recently had twin girls. Brendan travels around schools and youth groups giving talks about all life issues. He also keeps FLI’s website updated and was instrumental in producing FLI’s DVD “Love, Sex and the Truth”. He also has a weekly radio spot on radio Rhema and runs the annual Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.

Andy Moore
Prolife NZ

Andy Moore is a 22yr old Christian, currently studying towards a Political Science Degree at Canterbury University. He believes that abortion is the worst social injustice all times, a silent holocaust taking place; just down the road from you. He has been involved in starting up Prolife NZ and working to build the pro-life movement throughout New Zealand. His desire is to encourage others to speak up for unborn and to empower them to be able to effectively impact their culture. Andy can be found blogging at…

Bob McCoskrie
Family First NZIt’s time to SPEAK UP for what is best for families! New Zealanders need a voice that can lobby for strong families and safe communities, which is why Bob started his organisation “Family First”. Are you concerned about rising family break downs and the decline in standards and responsibility? Come and listen to Bob McCroskrie and be inspired for change!

Matthew & Madeline Flannagan

Dr Matthew & Madeleine Flannagan are married and have 4 children. They are Evangelicals, with Reformed leanings and are currently members of the Presbyterian Church. Both are adult converts and were not raised in Christian families. Politically they are both Classical Liberals. Both are accomplished speakers, have years of experience talking to audiences, both lay and academic, and can pitch their topic to suit any audience from children through to university level.

Programme (draft)

9.00 – 9.30 Registration

Session 1

9.30 – 10.00 Welcome
The S.L.E.D Presentation
Brian Whitaker
10.00 – 10.15 Feedback

Session 2

10.15 – 10.45 Political scene/Media/Labels Bob McCoskrie
10:45 – 11.00 Feedback
11.00 – 11.15 Morning tea

Session 3

11.15 – 11.45 Bob McCoskrie
11.45 – 12.00 Feedback

Session 4

12.00 – 12.30 apologetics/slogans Matt & Madeline Flannagan
12.30 – 12.45 Feedback
12:45 – 1:30 Lunch
Various Video clips will be running
1:30 – 1:45 Musicians

Session 5

1.45 – 2.15 Matt & Madeline Flannagan
2.15 – 2.30 Feedback

Session 6

2:30 – 3:00 The Enemy from within Brendan Malone
3:00 – 3:15 Feedback

Session 7

3:15 – 3:45 Brendan Malone
3:45 – 4:00 Feedback

Session 8

4:00 – 4:30 what does it mean to be pro-life? Andy Moore
4:30 – 4:45 Feedback

Session 9

4:45 – 5:15 Wrap-up Brian Whitaker
Workshop evaulation forms to complete

Barbeque afterwards for all interested


If you need to stay a night or two in Wellington/Paraparaumu, contact Dave to discuss accomodation options – such as billeting.

Spare vehicles available.

more info coming as soon as we have a better idea of numbers attending.


Location: St Patrick’s School Hall, 8 Tongariro Street, Paraparaumu.
View Larger MapIf you’re flying, best to book flights early before they get too expensive. Plan to be in Wellington by late Friday night or early Saturday morning as there will be vehicles arranged to drive up to Paraparam.

Cheap flights:

more info coming soon…

RSVP at the Facebook event

email: | phone: 04 297 1685 (ext. 723)

NZ Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity Standing silent for those who have no voice.

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Prolife NZ
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
12:00am – 11:55pm
New Zealand

Everyday in NZ almost 50 babies have their lives ended by abortion.

On October 20, 2009 people from all over this nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children. They will stand together silently for those who have no voice. They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.

Are you willing to give up your voice for a day for those who will never have a voice?

Join the movement! Change your facebook profile picture to the Silent Solidarity picture! So many are doing this already, use the following picture…

Contact Simeon to get more info about silent protests in your area, or start your own and let him know!

Children’s rights in the society

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Ruby Harrold-Claesson sent us this translated article:

Children’s rights in the


By Annette Westöö, Göteborg

This year, marks the thirtieth year since Sweden became the first in the world to prohibit child-smacking. The law has attracted much attention internationally and Sweden is considered in large parts of the world as a pioneer country in terms of children’s rights. Bris (Children’s Rights in the Society) notes the anniversary with a campaign where they ask the question “What has actually happened?” It is a sensible question, because now is the time to look back on these thirty years and see what has been achieved. How much is there behind all Sweden’s fine words about the rights of the children?

Five years before the anti-smacking law was passed the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament) passed another controversial law: that of free abortion. Since 1974, this decision led to over 1 million children being killed in our country. The consequences of the two laws in combination are absurd. In Sweden, a parent is prosecuted and tried in court for a slap in the face. The same parents can be – completely within boundaries of the law – to poison, maim and kill their children if they are younger than 18 weeks old. Smacking a child can lead to police action, whereas that same child could have had its head crushed by an adult at an earlier stage of its development – quite legally. The situation is bizarre and profoundly tragic. Save the Children, Bris and other organizations that claim to protect children’s rights – as far as I know – do not lift a finger to save the unborn children.

Where is the logic? I who am approximately contemporary with these laws, I am experiencing great pain over the disaster that contempt for the smallest children’s rights has meant for Sweden. The Sweden that we from the late seventies have grown up in has been deprived of one million citizens. People who would have lived among us as our family members, neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues, friends and spouses. People who would have helped to build this country and take care of the older generation. People who are irreplaceable and unique.

Can all you experts, ideologues and opinion leaders – especially those from the forties – who contributed to the passing of these two laws give me an explanation?

What were you really thinking?

Annette Westöö, born 1977, is a MA in Religious Knowledge and she is a teacher for seven years. She is the vice president of the pro-life organisation “Human Rights for the Unborn” and she is an active member of the Swedish Church. Annette Westöö has for many years been an active protector of children’s and their families’ rights. During the past years she has written several debate articles and opinion pieces about the rights of the unborn child.

The Swedish version of this article has been sent to several Swedish newspapers, but so far its fate is unknown. It is published here with the kind consent of the author.

Destroying the Family: Swedish style

A family flees from the Welfare State

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Original Article:

Barnens rätt i samhället

Annette Westöö, Göteborg

I år är det trettio år sedan Sverige blev först ut i världen med att förbjuda barnaga. Lagen har väckt stor uppmärksamhet internationellt och Sverige betraktas i stora delar av världen som ett föregångsland när det gäller barns rättigheter. Bris uppmärksammar jubileet i en kampanj där man ställer frågan ”Vad har egentligen hänt?”. Det är en klok fråga, för nu är det tid att blicka bakåt på dessa trettio år och se vad som åstadkommits. Hur mycket ligger det egentligen bakom Sveriges alla vackra ord om barnens rätt?

Fem år före anti-agalagens tillkomst stiftade Sveriges riksdag en annan kontroversiell lag: den om fri abort. Sedan 1974 har detta beslut lett till över en miljon barns död i vårt land. Följderna av de båda lagarna i kombination är absurda. I Sverige kan en förälder åtalas och dömas i domstol för en örfil. Samma förälder kan – helt inom lagens råmärken – låta förgifta, lemlästa och döda sitt barn om det är yngre än 18 veckor. En dask riktad mot ett barn kan leda till polisingripanden, medan detta barn kunde ha fått sitt huvud krossat av en vuxen i ett tidigare stadium av sin utveckling –  helt lagligt. Situationen är bisarr och bottenlöst tragisk. Rädda barnen, Bris och andra organisationer som säger sig värna om barns rättigheter har vad jag vet inte lyft ett finger för att rädda de ofödda barnen. Var finns logiken?

Jag, som är ungefär jämnårig med dessa lagar, upplever stor smärta över den katastrof som föraktet för de minsta barnens rättigheter har inneburit för Sverige. Det Sverige som vi sena sjuttiotalister har vuxit upp i saknar en miljon medborgare. Människor som skulle ha levt ibland oss som våra familjemedlemmar, grannar, skolkamrater, kollegor, vänner och makar. Människor som skulle ha hjälpt till att bygga det här landet och ta hand om den äldre generationen. Människor som är oersättliga och unika.

Kan alla ni experter, ideologer och opinionsbildare – förmodligen främst fyrtiotalister – som var med och drev fram dessa båda lagar ge mig en förklaring?

Hur tänkte ni, egentligen?