One Response to “Family Integrity #438 — Dodgy survey reporting from Children’s Commissioner”

  1. Mrs Dianne Woodward says:

    ex Greenpeace activist and Childrens Commissioner Cindy Ciro commented today the 8th April 2009 only hours ago and agreeing with her new Very Vocal successor Pryor that they know best SO they just continue to bombard the media with all these wrong unproven facts – by daily patronising the Kiwi caregivers that their nonsence way of just reasoning, pleading, explaining with a defiant toddler works much better than a quick stinging smack that doesn’t bruise or maime our little darlings.A smack used to correct or protect or train a little toddler WORKS Words can be more harmful than a slight reddening of the skin for 30 seconds, WORDS damage how do you outlaw that. They are so out of touch with the majority Mums, Dads and Grandparents who are trying to do the best they can raising their children so 83%continue to reject this antismacking law without a doubt a smack to correct or protect is NOT CHILD ABUSE I believe both of these woman like Helen Clark and Sue Bradford are determined to win well lets hope commonsence will prevail if Chester Borrows amendment to section 59 is restored soon by the Act Party acting.

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