2 Responses to “Family Integrity #439 — Yahoo poll againt Bradford’s anti-parent law”

  1. alison wheeler says:

    I am, – and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN against the ridiculous, ‘anti-smacking’ bill! To begin with it should have been an Anti BASHING BILL!!
    Removing the parent’s ability to administer a sharp, slightly painful deterrent- has resulted in children having no idea of right or wrong, – and gives them a total lack of respect for Parents, property, other people, – etc!! –I could go on , – don’t have enough time unfortunately!

  2. Mrs Dianne Woodward says:

    MP Paula Bennett proves she is a woman listening to what Kiwis want as she polled voters in her area in 2007 really upsetting a very vocal Sue Bradford as results clearly showed Majority Mums,Dads, Grandparents agreed with prosmackers Christine Rankin, Dianne Woodward, Simon Barnett on TV3s Campbell Live Smacking Debate 2nd April 2007, Sheryl Savil and Larry Baldocks 2007 legal 390,000 signature Referendum rejecting antismacking law now due for a postal vote July 2009 because Helen Clark ignored our wishes to answer the question last election day. Familyfirst spokeswoman Sue Reid in NZ Herald Report 19th April 2009 questions Family Commission stating smacking = child abuse. Not knowing the other family commissioners names or history means from the 13th to 17th May 2009 only one commissioner Christine has been scrutinized and appears to be a threat to Peter Dunnes desires, Dare I say she could be the only unpolitically correct voice in the team how do the others think or are they told what to believe Rankins opinion ooppps obsolete over or optimistically ongoing oh babies need her voice along with Radio Lives John Tamahere commonsence.

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