Michael laws on Radio Live right now

Michael laws is on Radio Live right now. Ring in now about the CIR Referendum. Make your voice known about having the Referendum at the same time as the elections.

The question being asked here this morning is “Have you changed how you discipline your children since Section 59 has been amended.”

You can listen here:



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  1. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    The Johns are the Key (as in Tamahere & his outspoken Radio Live team & except for Katherine Rich everyone in the National Party) because they will insist we have a referendum on Election Day. After reading Ian Wisharts Books “Eves Bite” (2007)and Absolute Power (2008) (especially Chapter 2) it’s no surprise our Mother of All Mothers is acting this way she should just suck in air and allow us voters a chance to answer the question, she knows the answer from 8 in 10 Kiwi voters because we don’t want to be feeling like guilty criminals for a light smack to protect or correct our children, much effort has gone into getting signatures for this petition all thanks to Sheryl Savill and Larry Baldock and Family First all that Peter Dunne’s done is help to destroy democracy, disgraceful the way this Labour Party presently treats us only 4 months 2go b4 we all speak with a tick.

  2. We should accept and listen to Christine Rankin who has commonsence answers and follow her idea that all NZers should read Ian Wisharts book Breaking the Silence, At the Maternity Hospital while a Mum is bonding with her newborn baby is exactly the right time for Paula Bennett’s National Government to supply a good parenting book that gives practical tips that could prevent abuse once Mum’s back home in her own environment with her cute little bundle of joy because knowledge (plus phone numbers to ring for advice) gives confidence to a nervous new Mum.The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Compulsory follow up Nurse Visits to the Mothers home during the first year of babies life allow a Nurse to identify the babies at risk so they can notify cyfs to provide help immediately where needed. Hospital staff know as soon as baby is born what little ones could be at risk and could quietly notify police to make it their business to keep in contact with hospital and cyfs, we can’t keep having monsters kill our little babies. Good on Paula Bennett, finally we have a hands on minister prepared to do something positive and ask Kiwis for ideas, repealing the useless antismacking law would help prevent good parents being criminalised, police investigating a smack wastes time and money that could be spent on jailing child abusers and saving lives of precious children.

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