Family Integrity #444 — Bill to change S59 again

Family Integrity #444 — Bill to change S59 again.

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Family Integrity

Plan to change smacking law

Last updated 10:55 19/03/2009

Dominion Post

ACT MP John Boscawen is going to try to amend the anti-smacking law by bringing a member’s bill to Parliament.

He said today his bill would allow parents to use a light smack to correct their children.

“In an attempt to curb child abuse, this law has simply criminalised law-abiding parents and removed their freedom to decide how best to raise their children – something ACT has consistently opposed,” he said.

“The Labour `we know best’ government is out and National is now in.

“Perhaps we will now begin to see an end to the madness of the past nine years where politicians saw fit to tell New Zealanders how to live their lives.”

Mr Boscawen said a survey released yesterday showed 77 percent of 1000 people questioned felt the law should be changed.

The law bans smacking for correctional purposes.

It was promoted by Green Party MP Sue Bradford and was passed by Parliament in May 2007.

Mr Boscawen said it was “inflicted on New Zealanders by Labour and the Greens”.

It was passed by 113 votes to eight, and National backed it after a last-minute compromise was reached by John Key, who is now prime minister, and the then prime minister Helen Clark.

ACT’s two MPs voted against it, as did some NZ First MPs, United Future’s Judy Turner and independent Taito Phillip Field .

It removed from the Crimes Act the statutory defence of “reasonable force” to correct a child, meaning there would be no justification for the use of force for that purpose.

Supporters said the “reasonable force” defence had been used by parents who had beaten their children with whips and pieces of wood.

Opponents said it would make criminals out of parents who lightly smacked their children and removed their right to discipline them.

Mr Boscawen’s member’s bill will go into a ballot.

One or two bills are drawn every second Wednesday Parliament is sitting, if there is room for them on the order paper.

Some have come out the ballot within weeks of going in, others have taken years to get into Parliament and be debated



3 responses to “Family Integrity #444 — Bill to change S59 again”

  1. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    Yet again the Johns really are the Key: as in THE ONE WHO ACTS Boscawen, Radio Lives talkback host Tamahere and our pleasant NZ National Prime Minister, I’m sure Chester Borrowes will now have a little chat to John Key, Simon Power, Judith Collins and Paula Bennett about Bob McCoskrie from Family First KNOWING it will cost NZers 8 eight million dollars for this Julys postal ballot on Larry Baldock/Sheryl Savills referendum. Familyfirst have the evidence already of persecuted parents SINCE antismacking law passed. More than 85% of Kiwis have been rejecting this loopy liberal law pushed through by Greens Sue Bradford, Labours Helen Clark, Michael Cullen and UF Peter Dunne WHY DID they consistently ignore what hundreds of thousands of NZers told them in public protests that the majority of us believe A SMACK TO PROTECT OR CORRECT is not child abuse and SMACKING IS NOT BASHING. It seems this Act Party DO get it and hear us so we will now have a chance to save our country 8Mill$$$$ lets hope National adopt Acts private members bill.finally after 9 years of Labours bullying we now have a National Party prepared to listen and ACT.

  2. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    Labour has already spent millions $ to push an anti smacking campaign to reeducate parents to never ever smack to correct. SMACKING IS NOT BASHING. Muriel Newman has been speaking up about this for years and just today 3rd April 2009 NZ Herald reports from a misguided Childrens commissioner pushing positive parenting without smacking just proves this agency is out of touch and against 83% of us they never seem to stop trying to brainwash us , its simply an anti violence campaign thats costing our country a fortune in a recession isn’t it? where does funding for this STOP, just accepting Chester Borrows amendment TO SECTION 59 would be the answer, not this present flawed law that persecutes parents and gives children more rights than those who nurture and care for them. I organised 3 protests in Feilding then debated 2/4/07 on TV3 Campbell Live with Christine Rankin and Simon Barnett to put my views across and the Manawatu Standard and Feilding Herald gave great coverage to Manawatu PARENTS RIGHTS however I completely wasted my entire time and energy so NOW I really do appreciate Mr Boscawen’s efforts to pursue this all again on behalf of myself AND ALL the OTHER 83% Mums/Dads/Grandparents who can’t seem to get a voice out there and have had enough of Nanny state knows best. ACTING against flawed laws such as Mr Boscawen did 1st January 2008 regarding Labours Gagging Electoral Finance Bill is certainly appreciated. Act Party DO get it and hear us (I for one appreciate all the effort Rodney Hyde went to as I did trying to plead with Helen & John 2 years ago for a conscience vote – but we were both ignored and MPs were whipped into following the leader however we contined on with getting our signatures for the referendum because we both believed Bradfords Bill is Bull) THANKS TO ACT PARTY we COULD soon SAVE our country 8Mill$.

  3. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    Never thought I would agree with the Greens however their idea of a vege garden in schools is an idea that I bet would get support Nationwide but I wish they could be supportive of our school sausage sizzle sometimes fundraisers fun, children enjoy a bought lunch now and then luckily John Key seems to agree on this and changed it.

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