Family Integrity #430 — The Kiwi Party’s 1st Fifteen – policies, LIVE on Youtube!

25 September 2008 Family Integrity #430 — The Kiwi Party’s 1st Fifteen – policies, LIVE on Youtube!

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Craig Smith

The Kiwi Party’s 1st Fifteen – policies,

LIVE on Youtube!

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Copland, MP, addressing policy.

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No 1

Length – 03:17

Repeal of the ‘anti-smacking law’, and establishing a Royal Commission to investigate family breakdown.

No 2

Length – 02:57

Establishing lower thresholds for, and making referenda binding.

No 3

Length – 02:57

Repeal of law legalizing and legitimizing prostitution.

No 4

Length – 04:48


No 5

Length – 04:03

Increase minimum wage to $15/hr and provide tax credits to employers.

No 6

Income splitting for married couples, and GST off Rates.

Length – 02:47

No 7

Length – 03:42

Housing affordability.

No 8

Length – 03:12

Promoting and aiding strong marriages and families.

No 9

Length – 02:30

Education – funding follows students.

No 10

Length – 03:19

Alcohol and drugs.

No 11

Length – 03:03

Justice – Law and Order – Victim Restoration to become primary focus of sentencing, plus longer, non-parole sentences for serious crime.

No 12

Length – 02:22

Health and hospital waiting lists…

No 13

Length – 04:46

Right of access to outdoors, and total ban on 1080.

No 14

Length – 04:07


No 15

Length – 05:01

Climate change, Kyoto, and the Emissions Trading Scheme.


One response to “Family Integrity #430 — The Kiwi Party’s 1st Fifteen – policies, LIVE on Youtube!”

  1. Not a terrible set of policies, but not the best either. The best ones (such as income splitting, funding following the child, abortion & prostitution policies) are already being pushed by The Family Party, which has a far greater chance of actually getting seats this election than Kiwi. It is unfortunate that some people wanting these policies will waste their vote on Kiwi, when their vote could have been used effectively by The Family Party.

    There are a few misguided policies in the Kiwi manifesto though.

    – Banning 1080. This is very well intentioned, 1080 is a terrible poison. But possums do more damage to the native bush than 1080 does. It is good to look at replacing 1080 with something else, but people have been trying to do that for decades without finding another method as effective. Not even the Green party is proposing a ban, even they know this is impractical. We need to have sensible policies around protecting our native bush, not knee-jerk bans designed to buy votes.

    – Minimum wage to $15. Well intentioned but makes school-leavers less employable (cannot afford them). It is more important that currently unemployed people can actually find a job than that people who already have jobs get paid a little more (from the magic money tree in every employers back lawn).

    – Global warming – they have decided it is a load of rubbish. They could be right. But it is not a politicians job to judge the science. We have most parties saying it is a disaster, panic, panic, and we have Act and Kiwi on the other end saying it is a scam, let’s forget it. The Family Party is the only party with a neutral view, that will establish a Royal Commission of Enquiry into Global Warming to establish the truth once and for all and design sensible policies around this issue, rather than vote-buying policies.

    Check out for sensible policies from a party that actually has a hope of getting in.

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